Student Mentorships Series: Charlotte’s Mentorship story

Charlotte Mentorship storyBSc Economics student Charlotte came to study in Bristol from Malaysia after receiving the Think Big Scholarship. We caught up with Charlotte to find out how the mentoring programme has helped elevate her future career search.

‘Having a mentor opened my eyes to career paths I could pursue with my degree that I hadn’t considered possible. My mentor explained how economics involves many different public sector departments, such as rail and road, which I hadn’t known beforehand. Talking about the latest project they were working on, involving the HS2 rail line, gave me a better understanding of how economics is applied in different real-life scenarios.’

The benefits of a mentor

‘The benefits of having a mentor in my experience is the guidance and support they can provide. My mentor offered valuable insights in navigating life after graduation, sharing how they ended up at their current job made me less worried about not having a fixed career path.’

Charlotte explained, ‘I also got to learn from their experience as they were also a student, and I could relate, having faced similar situations I encountered for the first time. I think, ultimately, I gained a lot of perspective on what a degree in economics could allow me to do, my initial opinion being very narrow-minded and limited, and they helped broaden my expectations in terms of applicability and transferability of the skills you develop when you complete your degree.’

Developing skills

Charlotte points to networking and relationship building skills she developed through the programme.

“Through this programme, I learnt how to establish and maintain professional connections, which can be beneficial skills to gain for my future career. I gained self-confidence and self-awareness and having a mentor who believed in my potential helped boost my self-confidence. Moreover, the reflective nature of mentorship encourages self-awareness and personal growth.”

Lastly, Charlotte says, ‘I would strongly encourage future international students to apply to have a mentor as they provide you with guidance and advice. A mentor offers valuable guidance and support based on their own experiences. They can help you navigate challenges and obstacles by sharing their insights and knowledge, enabling you to make more informed decisions. As a university student, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after university and being under this mentorship programme provided me with some direction and, more importantly, perspective.’

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