Economics at Bristol: Ee Mun’s experience

Economics at Bristol: Ee Mun's experienceEe Mun graduated with a BSc in Economics and Finance. She discusses her experience of her studies and reasons for choosing to study at Bristol, the support she received as an international student, and how it helped establish her career.

Why did you want to study economics and finance?

I wanted to study BSc Economics and Finance because I realised how important it was to understand how economic and financial systems operate, and ultimately the ongoing obsession with economic growth.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Bristol?

I chose to study at the University of Bristol for three reasons;

  • the first being its reputation for Economics,
  • the second for its modern facilities amidst many of its historical premises,
  • and last but not least its location in one of the UK’s most livable cities.

What do you think of the professors and lecturers and the support you received from them?

Many of the professors, lecturers, and tutors I had were knowledgeable and very supportive. Getting to know them was really helpful and motivated me to not let them down, especially from all that I have received from them. They were both educationally and emotionally supportive when it came to my studies.

What do you think about the School of Economics’ research reputation?

Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, I was impressed to see that the School is taking an active role in continuing its research activity and providing more economic-related insights, especially with the uncertainty many are experiencing today.

Why would you encourage students to come to the University of Bristol?

I would encourage students to come to the University of Bristol because it will provide you with both a quality education and a memorable student life. If you’re looking for a place which grants you the best of both worlds, the University of Bristol is a great choice.

How important was your degree for your career journey?

My degree was very important for my career journey, it carved the way to my first job in one of the most established Malaysian financial institutions, helped me establish a more robust economic research unit while I was in a research and consultancy firm, and ultimately lead me to pursue a masters in a subject I was first introduced to during my time at the university.

What did you like most about the city? What would you recommend?

What I liked most about the city is its environment and geography – you get the best of both worlds. You have the bustling city-centre where you can hang out with friends, or take a walk to Clifton Village and enjoy viewing fireworks or hot air balloons above the Clifton Suspension Bridge. I personally enjoyed just walking around and discovering the sights and sounds – there are plenty of parks, historical sites, food and shops to explore!

The city was definitely a friendly and welcoming place for international students. As the city itself is filled with both local and international students, many places and facilities are catered towards such a community. I have always felt warm, welcomed and accepted as part of the Bristol society.

What support is there from the University for international students who are unfamiliar with the UK? Did you feel safe and secure?

As an international student, the support I received from the University came when I needed it. The international and administrative office were always friendly and happy to help with my queries on student visas, documentation, accommodation etc. I also gained plenty of information and important connections from joining the University’s Malaysian and Singaporean Students’ Association (MSSA), which I highly recommend if you’re looking for a familiar face and great tips on how to survive as a Malaysian / Singaporean in Bristol.

You can find out more about our courses and studying at Bristol on the School of Economics website.