Nerding out Economics

Nerding out Economics Lecturers within the department have been exploring how economics has a vital part to play in everyday life.

From shortages of supplies in supermarkets to social distancing behaviour, economics can help us understand and make sense of some of the real-life effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Department of Economics lecturers take a closer look at some of these scenarios in Nerding out Economics.


Why are there no eggs in the supermarket? Supply and demand.

Senior lecturer in the Department of Economics, Dr Katerina Raoukka, explores the shortage of eggs, flour and cleaning products, and the overall impact coronavirus has on our food supply, exploring the concept of supply and demand, and the fact that people are baking more at home…

Watch Katerina’s video:

What does the R number actually mean?

Lecturer in the Department of Economics, Dr Marion Prat, explores the aim of lockdown, and where the R number comes from.

In this video, Marion takes us behind the maths to see what the R number really has to say about the spread of the disease, and what it has to do with Economics.

Watch Marion’s video:

Watch this space to hear more from our academics in our Nerding out Economics series.