International Women’s Day 2024: What challenges do women in economics face?

In the third of our film series celebrating diversity and empowerment around International Women’s Day, Dr Danielle Guizzo, Associate Professor in Economics Education, Dr Uta Bolt, Lecturer in Economics and BSc Economics and Politics student Lucy, discuss the impact of being a woman in economics. Here they share their experience, the changes made to improve gender balance, and advice for aspiring economists.

In the video, Lucy, a BSc Economics and Politics student, says, ‘I’ve had about half female lecturers, half male lecturers. So my experience personally here has been quite a positive one in terms of gender balance. However, lots of articles we’re reading tend to be more predominantly male focused.’

Many thanks to Dr Danielle Guizzo, Dr Uta Bolt and Lucy (BSc Economics and Politics) for sharing their experiences. You can share your thoughts and inspirational economists on our social channels: XFacebookLinkedIn and Instagram.