Mastering Economics: Margarita’s Journey from Cyprus to Bristol and Pearson’s ‘Outstanding Learner Award’

Margarita-2023Margarita, hailing from Cyprus, is currently pursuing her Economics degree at the University of Bristol. Her exceptional academic prowess led her to achieve the acclaimed ‘Outstanding Learner Award’ from Pearson, attaining the highest score worldwide in International A-level Economics.

By Jerry Holliday

How did it feel to discover you scored most highly in the world in Advanced Level Economics?

When I discovered I scored the highest mark in the world in my economics A level, I was left speechless, I could not believe it and never imagined that I would be able to receive such an incredible award. It was the most delightful surprise and the best news I could have ever received. I would describe my emotions as a mix of shock and ecstatic at the same time, and I couldn’t stop smiling.

What has the response been from friends and family?

I received the best response from my friends and family as I have an incredible support, they were with me every step of the way, never doubted me and had more faith in my abilities than I did. Particularly from my mum and dad which supported by all the way.

Did you always know you wanted to study economics?

No, I did not always know I wanted to study economics. Originally, I believed that I wanted to become a surgeon, but I soon discovered that chemistry wasn’t my thing. I had fun reading economics and enjoyed doing it as well. I quickly discovered that my enthusiasm for economics sprang from my desire to read more and expand my knowledge. However, in the end, my enthusiasm was sufficient to drive me to the University of Bristol, where I am studying economics to increase my knowledge and comprehension of this field.

What do you enjoy about economics?

My favourite part of the subject is the ability to create complex yet logical conclusions on everyday problems and understand how the economies work in each country. Specifically, macroeconomics as it focuses on the performance of economies and highlights issues such as growth, interest rates, inflation, and policies which I find particularly fascinating to understand and focus on the trade-offs faced. All of which after studying and understand economics you see that they are all interrelated. Especially after living in these unprecedented times of the global pandemic and the war in Europe, it has drawn my interest especially on inflation and how the closedown of economics has disrupted the production process because they are over depended in globalisation and specialization.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Bristol?

I chose to study at the University of Bristol because of its high ranking and academic excellence. In addition, it will provide me a solid basis for success in the future and open doors for me because it will have given me the means to achieve my goals. My decision was wise because the professors and tutors are available and happy to answer any questions I may have.

How are you finding Bristol as a city?

Bristol is a beautiful, diverse, and vibrant city, which provides you with a myriad of things to do. It combines history, culture, social and culture activities. It allows a young adult to enjoy their university experience.

What are your plans for the future?

I’ve made the decision to go step by step, so before making any long-term decisions, I’m currently attempting to figure out which aspect of a professional job in economics I enjoy the most.

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