Development Economics Workshop 2023: Key ideas and future events

Erlend Berg delivering a talk at the Development Economics Workshop 2023.The second Development Economics Workshop brought together leading economists from multiple universities to discuss topics shaping the field. Find out what we learned – and browse our upcoming events.

By Zahra Siddique

On 18 September, development economists from the Universities of Bath, Bristol and Exeter came together to discuss current research related different developing countries to gain valuable insights. The workshop was hosted by the University of Bristol.

The first session focused on research related to health in developing countries. Christine Valente (University of Bristol) presented quasi-experimental estimates showing the effectiveness of a low cost preventive measure (chlorhexidine cord care) to reduce neonatal mortality using data from Nepal, while Kyungbo Han (University of Bath) discussed the long-term positive health effects of emergency aid, using the 1984 Ethiopian famine as a case study.

In the second session, Mahreen Mahmud (University of Exeter) presented results from a randomised control trial (RCT) in Kenya, showing that provision of cash transfers – together with a workshop to raise women’s aspirations – increased women’s share of household resources, as well as reducing intimate partner violence. Erlend Berg (University of Bristol) presented research from India related to a new type of social protection in which individuals are paid to learn.

The final session included presentations by Climent Quintana-Domeque (University of Exeter) on public goods and tax compliance using data from Mexico, Kalyan Kumar Kameswara (University of Bath) on the political economy of environmental regulation with a focus on sand mining in India, and Zahra Mansoor (University of Bristol) on the design of incentive programs in government using data from an RCT carried out in Pakistan.

The workshop served as a useful platform for students and academics to discuss cutting-edge research in the field, exchange ideas and further develop their research agenda.

If you are interested to find out more about any of these research projects, please contact the relevant academic directly.

Our next workshop event will be the Bristol Economics of Innovation Workshop, held on 3 November 2023.

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