Could a Think Big scholarship help fund your studies at Bristol?

A female student sitting on a sofa and smiling.‘The scholarship has been a catalyst for personal and intellectual growth, expanding my horizons beyond what I could have imagined.’

By Jerry Holliday

The University of Bristol offers a wealth of scholarship opportunities for students seeking to overcome the financial hurdles of their academic journey, including our Think Big About Economics Scholarship (previously the Global Economics Scholarship) and the Think Big International Scholarship.

Hear from six international students about how they helped fund their studies in economics by applying.

How did you find the application process?

Ameera enjoying a night out with friends in Bristol
Ameera enjoying a night out with friends in Bristol

Toriqul, Bangladesh: The application process was refreshingly simple, making it a pleasant experience overall. What impressed me the most were the clear and simple instructions provided throughout the application process, making it accessible for applicants from diverse backgrounds.

Viktoria, Austria: The application consisted of a personal statement divided into three sections. One section was about why I thought I deserved the scholarship, another on how I had contributed to my local community and the last on my future ambitions and what attracted me to study at the University of Bristol.

Vaishnav, India: Writing the scholarship statement pushed me to reflect deeply on my skills, experiences, and aspirations. It was a chance to highlight my potential to the university, but more importantly, it helped me uncover hidden layers of untapped potential within myself. 

What was your family and friends’ reaction to you getting the scholarship?

Anoop on a visit to London – only two hours by train from Bristol
Anoop on a visit to London – only two hours by train from Bristol

Asha, India: When they learned about the scholarship, they were over the moon! They could not contain their excitement and were super proud of me. It felt amazing to see their genuine happiness and support.   

Ameera, United Arab Emirates: My family was quite excited about the scholarship – it definitely helped us financially. My friends were super proud of me as well. 

Toriqul: My family were happy because they knew how important it would be for my educational future. They felt relieved when they learned that the scholarship would lessen some of the financial worries.  

How has receiving the scholarship helped you with your studies?

Asha at the world-famous Bristol Balloon Fiesta
Asha at the world-famous Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Viktoria: Receiving the scholarships made it possible for me to study in the UK in the first place. If you decide to study in the UK, there are a lot of different expenses you need to consider and receiving the scholarship eased some of the financial burden.

Asha: Getting the scholarship has been a game changer for my studies. I no longer stress about tuition fees, which lets me focus more on learning. I have connected with other scholars, which has expanded my horizons big time. It’s not just about the money – it’s about the confidence boost and the chance to dive into my education without any worries holding me back.

Vaishnav: It wasn’t just about the financial support but a recognition of my potential. It motivated me to push myself harder and excel academically and instilled a sense of responsibility in me.

What has this scholarship allowed you to do that you might not have otherwise?

Makesh taking a walk in the local countryside
Mukesh taking a walk in the local countryside

Asha: The personal development initiatives I took part in with the Think Big Development Programme have played a crucial role in my overall growth. The scholarship and the various workshops increased my confidence levels, enhanced my employability, and allowed me to connect with incredible individuals from around the globe.

Vaishnav: Without this financial support, my dreams of studying abroad would have remained distant and unattainable. It granted me the freedom to immerse myself in a new culture, embrace new perspectives, and build lifelong connections with people from all walks of life. The scholarship has been a catalyst for personal and intellectual growth, expanding my horizons beyond what I could have imagined.

Mukesh, Nepal: The networking event turned out to be great for making connections and getting to know other students with diverse backgrounds and experiences. I have gained a lot from their experiences and how they have evolved from hardships they faced at some point in their life.

What advice would you give someone who’s considering applying for a scholarship?

Anoop, India: Stay true to yourself and show how you’re willing to use all the resources available in Bristol to improve your skillset and become a better person, while also showing what you are willing to contribute to the community at the University.

Asha: Give yourself time to complete the scholarship application. Be aware of the deadlines; the earlier you begin, the more time you will have to put together a strong application. Before submitting, carefully review your application to ensure it’s free of errors and well-organised.

Ameera: You don’t have to have crazy big accomplishments to be able to get one. What matters most is what your experiences have taught you. There will more likely than not be a scholarship that you qualify for, so use the filters on the university website and apply!

Feeling inspired? The Think Big Scholarship applications for 2024 are now open.

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