My top tips for undergraduate success: Yeu Khor

Undergraduate alumni, Yeu, explains the skills he has gained from studying BSc Economics and Finance, and shares his top tips to maximise your university experience.

By Yeu Khor, Management Trainee at CIMB Group, Malaysia

Despite Malaysia’s economy facing negative growth due to the pandemic, it was relatively easy for me to get a job because of the University of Bristol’s prestige. My degree has equipped me with skills in the ability to adapt, making me an agile person; this is highly sought after in the current job market.

Firstly, I chose Bristol because of the city, it is friendly, accessible and safe. Secondly, the University of Bristol is one of the top universities offering BSc Economics and Finance.

Moreover, the course provided a wide range of modules, you can choose from social sciences and other faculties throughout the degree. This allowed me to acquire different knowledge. This makes learning really enjoyable because you will not get bored, thus indirectly training you to be agile and open-minded.

I enjoyed my first year staying in Clifton Hill House. In terms of location, it is the closest catered hall to the school which had tremendously shortened my travel time. From there, I got to focus on my study and expand my social circle without worrying about preparing food for myself. This maximised my first-year university experience. Lastly, Bristol is a very accessible city, where we get any necessities and can travel anywhere easily.

My top tips to make the most of your university experience:

  1. Be explorative: Have the courage to step out of your comfort zone to try and take up challenges
  2. Be hardworking: Be responsible for your future by putting every drop of your energy into everything that you do
  3. Be calm: Stay calm and think logically in every scenario.

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