The Budget Statement, 2021

The Budget Statement 2021The United Kingdom is spending an unprecedented 407 Billion GBP on mitigating the devastating effect of the pandemic and accelerating recovery by stimulating job creation, investment and purchasing power. The bulk of the financing is planned to come from a progressive increase in corporate taxes which is a highly debated policy issue in academic circles.

Bristol Festival of Economics Student Review – Ha-Joon Chang asks ‘What next after globalisation?’

Text reads: Bristol Festival of Economics student review. Ha-Joon Chang asks 'what next after globalisation?', background image shows the earth.This November saw the return of the annual Bristol Festival of Economics by Festival of Ideas. Undergraduate student Ben Pimley provides a review of Economist Ha-Joon Chang’s talk, ‘What Next After Globalisation?’

Ha-Joon Chang may be a household name to many young economists given that he wrote the Personal Statement staple ’23 Things They Don’t Teach You About Capitalism’, but as an academic economist at Cambridge University he is particularly interested in the role of the state in economic policy.…