Studying during the pandemic: we hear from economics students

On 16th March 2020, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced, “now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact and travel.” Over a year on, the UK’s ‘roadmap’ out of a series of lockdowns is gradually being enacted step-by-step, but blended learning remains and campus life is overwhelmingly quiet as the government’s preference to work and study from home when possible, also remains.

Lockdown policies, corporation tax, the labour market ‘revolution’: What do the experts say?

Economics staff at Bristol University give their views on recent economics hot-topics. Where does the expert consensus lie?

By Ethan Lester

This month, we focus on three covid-related economic developments. Firstly, as Britain tentatively follows its ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown, we ask whether ‘zero-covid’ policies should be prioritised over ‘low-covid’ ones.

Bristol Festival of Economics Student Review – Ha-Joon Chang asks ‘What next after globalisation?’

Text reads: Bristol Festival of Economics student review. Ha-Joon Chang asks 'what next after globalisation?', background image shows the earth.This November saw the return of the annual Bristol Festival of Economics by Festival of Ideas. Undergraduate student Ben Pimley provides a review of Economist Ha-Joon Chang’s talk, ‘What Next After Globalisation?’

Ha-Joon Chang may be a household name to many young economists given that he wrote the Personal Statement staple ’23 Things They Don’t Teach You About Capitalism’, but as an academic economist at Cambridge University he is particularly interested in the role of the state in economic policy.…

Bristol Talks Economics: Jacob Goldstein

The ‘Bristol Talks Economics’ series is organised by students within the School of Economics. We recently caught up with Ben Pimley who has been heavily involved with securing high-profile speakers for recent talks such as Tim Harford, and the Planet Money podcast co-host Jacob Goldstein.