Exploring Hedge Funds with Robert Crenian 

BSc Economics student, Louise Averill, shares her experience at the Bristol Banking and Investment Society (BIS) talk with alumni guest speaker and hedge fund expert, Robert Crenian, Co-Founder at Calderwood Capital.  

By Louise Averill. 



What did you think about the talk from Robert Crenian? 

I really enjoyed the talk – Robert is a very engaging speaker and learning about his career and experience was fascinating. I gained some valuable knowledge about alternative investment strategies and particularly enjoyed his market insights. 

What was the most interesting thing you learnt? 

I was really interested to learn about the operations of hedge funds, which generally use more risky and obscure investment strategies, and particularly about the strategy of Robert’s own fund. The talk introduced me to new investment techniques I’d never heard of before.  

How valuable is it to be able hear from alumni and ask them questions? 

It’s definitely valuable to listen to alumni talks, as they give you a clearer picture of where your degree can take you and allow you to learn about different career paths you may not have been aware of before. Alumni talks can provide honest opinions of a particular industry; you can hear about someone’s real experiences and how they learned from them. 

What advice and experience did you take from the talk? 

From a technical perspective, Robert had some very interesting market insights, and introduced me to some completely new investment techniques and concepts. More broadly, Robert offered valuable advice applicable to any career, including how to navigate changes in your career, and dealing with risks and setbacks in a professional setting.  

How will you apply what you’ve learnt to your studies at University of Bristol? 

Especially in the third year of an Economics degree, learning about investment and financial markets becomes increasingly important, tying in with areas of study such as Behavioural Economics. Robert’s talk helped provide some more insight into how the investment industry operates, which will be helpful in understanding concepts across the course. 

What do you hope this experience and the information you gained will allow you to do in the future? 

Overall, the talk gave me a better understanding of the investment landscape, which will be helpful for a future career in the financial industry. Robert’s wider advice about becoming comfortable with risk-taking when investing, and how to deal with scenarios which don’t go to plan, will come in useful when encountering these types of situations in my career. 

How do these events enable you to get more out of learning here at Bristol? 

For me, one of the most enriching parts about learning is linking theoretical knowledge to real-world applications. Alumni talks help you understand how the skills and knowledge gained on a degree course can be useful in a profession, giving a broader view of how choices during your studies (e.g., which modules to take) might be relevant to your future career. 

Are there any other activities you participate in which help you to learn outside of the classroom as well as within? 

I always enjoy attending extracurricular talks, both within societies (e.g., BIS) and as part of the Bristol Talks Economics series run by the University. These talks can help provide valuable context to learning within the classroom and enable a deeper understanding of complex topics. 

How have you benefitted from being part of the student society? 

Being a part of BIS has enabled me to meet a wide range of interesting and likeminded students who share a passion for investing. I have been able to grow my network, attend a range of talks and events, and work with other students to help them achieve their career goals. 

What advice would you give to future students of economics? 

Always try to contextualise your learning; linking theoretical knowledge to real-world application is, in my opinion, the most useful and interesting part of an Economics degree. Also, read the Financial Times! 

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