Economics at Bristol: Sanyukta’s experience

Economics at Bristol: Sanyukta's experienceSanyukta graduated with an MSc in Economics, Finance and Management. She tells us why she chose to study at Bristol, shares her experience of her studies and the skills it’s provided her with.


I had offers from various universities across the UK but the University of Bristol was the only one with the option of catering my needs in terms of the course structure. It has the best diversity of students, understanding faculty and very good accommodation options as well.

I have had really amazing memories at the University filled with fun and laughter. There were moments of stressful deadlines but the city of Bristol just compensates it all. Also, I never felt unsafe during my entire stay at the University.

After my graduation in February, I came back to my home country and started working in a chartered accountant company. I have now recently shifted to a new role in Byjus (India). I have learnt a lot studying at UOB, gained a lot of confidence, developed leadership and communication skills and most importantly loved what I studied there.

If looking for career and personal growth, you should definitely study at University of Bristol. One of the best places to study and make memories.

You can find out more about studying a postgraduate degree in Economics, Finance and Management on the School of Economics website.